IEM Connectors


In doubt which connector solution you have? Send an e-mail with information about your earphone and/or picture of your connector to, and we will try to help.



The estron T2 plug on Linum cables is compatible
with IEMs and CIEMs from:

Ultimate Ears - CIEMs with IPX (US)

Westone Audio (US)

Etymotic (US)

InEarz (US)

64Audio - CIEMs with IPX (US)

Hearos (Germany)

NTS Audio (Italy)

Wavaya (Cyprus)

LXear (Romania)

Soundz (Greece)

Dream Earz (US)

a-decibel (Japan)

ONKYO (Japan)

P-EAR-S (Switzerland)

and some models from:


Cosmic Ears (UK)






The new 2-Pin (Ø0.78mm) earphone plug is black. New image will come soon. Compatible with standard IEMs and CIEMs from:

Ultimate Ears 2-pin

JH Audio 2-pin

1964 Ears 2-Pin

And many others

Check our standard programme overview for availability.