Frequently Asked Questions



Here you can find answers to the most commonly asked questions. Have a look and if none of these answers your questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

What is the warranty on your Linum cables?

We offer a limited warranty of 12 months. For more information, please see User Manual and/or Terms and Conditions


Is T2 and IPX compatible?

Yes, the T2 and IPX are fully compatible. The only thing you need to be aware of is if your earphones are recessed. Some cables with T2 and IPX may be with a larger house than the standard Linum cables. A standard Linum cable T2 house is 3.4mm.

Does your 2-Pin Connector and/or MMCX Connector fit my IEM/CIEMS?

Our 2-Pin and MMCX Connectors are standard connectors and thus fit most leading In-Ear Monitor brands. MMCX Linum cables are discontinued.


Special attention to some MMCX IEM/CIEMS?

We have learned that a few Linum owners using MMCX earphones experience compatibility issues. Unfortunately, this is a well-known issue in the industry, and something you may experience with other cables as well. With MMCX no one can guarantee a perfect match between cable plug and earphone.

Star washers can solve most cases of compatibility issues, though not all. Read more about it here. Please note, MMCX Linum cables are discontinued.

Is it normal that there is a gap between the IEMs and the Linum MMCX connector?

Some manufacturers, e.g. Westone, use a flanged socket. In this case it is normal you will see a gap between the In Ears and your Linum MMCX cable connector/plug.

Are the MMCX Connectors supposed to be loose / cause intermittence?

We have heard of some models being a bit loose with the Linum MMCX and though it does not necessarily influence the sound, a star washer may help for a better fit and less risk of intermittence.

How do I ensure correct fit of the 2-Pin plug and my IEM?

Right (R) and Left (L) as well as (+) and (-) is indicated on the plug.  Make sure the (+) side the plug turns upward. Then you should be set for the best possible sound experience - at least from a "cable point of view" :-)

I wonder, if your Linum 2-Pin is compatible with recessed sockets?

Our 2-Pin connector being one of the smallest in the market fits most recessed sockets. If you experience the connection is too tight, we have learned that others use a nail file and carefully file a bit on each side of the 2-Pin, and then it fits perfectly. Please note modifications of the cable will void warranty.

I have a specific request for an individual solution, do you think you can help me out?

If possible we would love to help you, yet we get so very many requests for individual solutions, that we mostly have to decline on this. Therefore, if your request is not in our standard programme, then we will most likely not be able to help you out. Unless of course we talk large volumes. Nevertheless, you are always welcome to send us a request as we are interested in knowing what you are looking for. And perhaps we are working on just what you are looking for.