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Fine tuning Linum cable with MMCX connection

The majority Linum users with MMCX earphones are happy Linum owners. In a few cases star washers are needed to establish the optimal connection. Star washers are included free of charge with all Linum MMCX purchases.

The MMCX is a connection used in many top end IEMs as well as numerous other applications. It is manufactured to very exacting standards by numerous companies however different tolerances mean that occasionally a misfit may occur between the plugs of different manufacturers.

A poor MMCX match may show as a feeling that the connection is “loose” in one or both channels, and/or occasionally intermittence, possibly only with a slight turn of the head. In this situation installing a star washer or two will in most cases solve the poor connectivity and allow for true and uninterrupted use of your new Linum cable.




Carefully remove the monitors from the Linum cable by pulling the plug (not the cable) and place the cable with the plug near you. Also keep the earpiece nearby.


The goal is to mount the star washer on the MMCX Male plug on the Linum cable in the correct direction. The star washers are tiny and delicate, and the aim is not to lose any. Therefore, it is recommended to do this at a clean/tidy table, to be able to easily locate the star washer if you drop it.


Place some star washers on the table. Star washers are like miniature dinner plates. When it turns upside-down placed on a table it is stable. When it is the correct way up (ready for food) it is a bit unstable. Make sure the star washers are like an upside-down plate. Press the edge slightly with a small tool to see if it is stable.


When the star washer turns correctly on the table (=stable), press down gently on a star washer with a slightly moisten finger to pick it up. Holding it on your finger upwards, it is to be positioned as a plate (ready for food).


With the other hand, hold the cable with the plug turning up and carefully place the star washer on the plug. Holding the plug upwards, the star washer is like an upside-down table when mounted correctly. Use the earpiece or a drinking straw to press the star washer into place. Same procedure for the other plug if required.


Test to see if the connection is improved. If it still feels loose or intermittence is detected, mount a second star washer with the same procedure.


If the star washer solves the problem, then all is good, and we hope you will enjoy your Linum cable.




If the star washer does not solve the problem, then your MMCX earphones do not match well with this Linum MMCX cable. MMCX mismatch is not considered a product defect, therefore please be aware of our cancellation / return policy.


If a return request is submitted within 14 days from receipt of the cable, the purchase can be cancelled provided the cable is returned in same condition and packaging as when received.


If a return request / claim is submitted after 14 days from receipt of the cable, and which relates to poor MMCX connector match, estron cannot replace the cable, due to the fact it is not considered a defect.


Please refer to our warranty and return procedure.


If you have any questions, please write to sales@estron.dk and we will do our best to help